Old Photos: Hitler

I know, I know, these are pictures of Hitler. And maybe it’s not the best idea to put them here, me being who I am. But these photos are amazing, shot by Hitler’s personal photographer Hugo Jaeger in color and such close proximity that as a fan of historic photography I cannot just pass them by. And yes, I know what was happening while Hitler was greeting adoring women, checking out cars and watching parades, and I have these photos too. If anything these photos make one wonder how a grim, plain-looking and not extremely bright individual could achieve absolute power over a civilized country.

(L-R) Ferdinand Porsche, Adolf Hitler and Robert Ley with Hitler's 50th birthday gift, the Volkswagen Beetle. ©Time Inc.Hugo Jaeger

Hitler with Dr. Ferdinand Porsche (2R) at cornerstone ceremony, Fallersleben Volkswagen Works.©Time Inc.Hugo Jaeger

Eva Braun.©Time Inc.Hugo Jaeger

1938 Reichs Party Congress in Nuremburg Germany. Pictured L: Bormann, behind him SS group-leader Wolf, Hitler, on his left Sports Leader ?, Osten, behind them Himmler, Hitler's personal physician Professor Brandt.©Time Inc.Hugo Jaeger

November 9, 1938 march through Munich in remembrance of the Putsch. Front row, L to R: Dr. Weber, Goering, Hitler, and Graf. 2nd row: unidentified, Professor Schultze, and Rosenberg.©Time Inc.Hugo Jaeger

Hitler & Mussolini observing Italian Army maneuvers.©Time Inc.Hugo Jaeger

Aboard the KDF Ship Robert Ley on its maiden voyage. L: Mrs. Ley, and Hitler (wearing Arbeitsfront cap).©Time Inc.Hugo Jaeger

Adolf Hitler & Benito Mussolini riding in limo through streets flanked by black uniformed Italian Fascists; during Hitler's state visit.©Time Inc.Hugo Jaeger

Hitler in Wilhelmshaven for the launching of the battleship Tirpitz.©Time Inc.Hugo Jaeger

Adolf Hitler giving raised arm "Heil Hitler" salute to troops along the road before attending the Reich Party Congress.©Time Inc.Hugo Jaeger

Hitler at the Berghof, Obersalzburg.©Time Inc.Hugo Jaeger

Hitler (L) viewing the victory parade in Warsaw after the German invasion of Poland.©Time Inc.Hugo Jaeger

Schwarzach/St. Veith during Hitler's Austrian election campaign.©Time Inc.Hugo Jaeger

Nazi leader Adolf Hitler saluting leaders & men of the Legion Condor, German Luftwaffe troops which fought alongside Spanish Nationalist troops in the Spanish Civil war, during a rally held in their honor upon their return.©Time Inc.Hugo Jaeger

Hitler at New Year's reception in the Chancellery. R with back to camera, Attolico (?) Vatican minister.©Time Inc.Hugo Jaeger

(L) to (R): Ribbentrop, Mussolini (almost hidden), Hitler, Hess, Lammers,and Bodenschatz during Hitler's state visit to Italy.©Time Inc.Hugo Jaeger

L to R: Professor Morrel, wife of Gauletier Forster and Hitler at Hitler's Obersalzburg house. No date given.©Time Inc.Hugo Jaeger

Hitler during the parade celebrating the Legion Condor on its return from Spain.©Time Inc.Hugo Jaeger

Hitler, Himmler (behind & left), Lutze (2 to R of Hitler) at cornerstone ceremony, Fallersleben Volkswagen Works.©Time Inc.Hugo Jaeger

Hitler aboard the KDF Ship Robert Ley on its maiden voyage.©Time Inc.Hugo Jaeger

  • I Travel for JOOLS

    I agree with the article above .  And, I believe it could happen again.   It takes the right combination of circumstances and people, but very possible.  Not necessarily in any one country, but anywhere people are “hungry”, they will look for someone to blame and will eagerly follow who will convince them who that enemy is and how to defeat that enemy.    

    • Anonymous

      Correction. It WILL happen again.

  • Monty Ehrich

    A lot of Europeans are really pissed off. If it does happen again, look for the disappearance of Islam throughout Europe. So, what’s the BAD news?