Every Question I’ve Ever Been Asked About Russia…

…is covered in this video.

Russian and Ukrainian dancing, Siberia, drinking, cold, snow, vodka, Hammer and Sickle, Lenin, Stalinbalalaikas, dancing bears, tanks, ushanka-hats, and more.

If there is something else you wanted to know that is not covered in my groundbreaking Behind The Iron Curtain series, this would be a good time to ask. I might even cover your question in an upcoming post.

On an unrelated note, I added a Google+1 button, just in case you feel like clicking on things.

  • Anonymous

    I would like to know who had Kruschev’s cell service?

    • He showed off his infamous shoephone during the UN speech.

  • Anonymous

    I +1’d you because I have been wondering what that icon meant.  Thanks for the insight.

    • Dave, I don’t have Google Profile made up, don’t want anything tied to my personal email. I think FB like button is a better way to like and share things at this time. But I always say I like people to read my blog, so if it takes an extra button, I am doing it.

  • burrowowl

    It’s a commonly-known fact that the Soviet economy’s stagnation and eventual collapse was largely attributable to the overproduction of oversized balalaikas and MC Hammer pants.

    • Those are mid-range balalaikas, the intercontinental ones are still classified.

  • Anonymous

    Photos of garden corn/sunflowers please.

    • Sunflowers are killing corn in an epic fight.