The West in The Soviet Caricature: Libya Edition

What I miss in the American foreign policy lately is the pizzaz; intricate covert plots; cleverly planned fully deniable coups; propaganda wars; spy-driven assassinations worthy of a Robert Ludlum novel; secret service dirty deals a la Iran Contra; mind-blowing, daring, underhanded activities that we usually expect from our multiple secret operations.

Instead, we see mostly ham-handed, simple-minded, anti-creative, doomed from the start, mindbogglingly expensive, unpopular foreign policies, that, until now, only George W.Bush was capable of producing, approving and implementing. Now, in what can be safely called Bush’s third term, we are bombing Libya while producing the lamest kind of bullshit statements to justify it.

I’d like to point out that I am not a pacifist by any means. I just like our reasons for bombing other countries to be little less obvious. And if you believe that we are “protecting civilians” over there, I have a Red Square for sale.

Continuing with my earlier post about the Soviet caricature, this set of drawings refers to oil-stimulated activities.

Scene at the (oil) fountain in Greenland.

Oil Sow of Monopolies

The Front Entrance. Speculating on the oil crisis, the monopolies dictate policy to the Western countries.

The safe for the US Military budget. Social needs are surrendering to it.

To the developing countries (top) and back (bottom)

Unseasonably dressed. The oil rig says “Nationalized”

Oil fountain in the underdeveloped country.

American tic-tac-toe. Uncle Sam X’s out everything but military spending, expenses for the war in Vietnam and intelligence..

Gentlemen, start drilling for oil and we’ll supply the pipelines.

All balls to the same corner marked “military spending”, “education” and “social needs” bags are empty.

Those in favor of the NATO resolutions – raise your hand (top).

Oil Pipeline


Members of ultra left wing political organisations attempt to destroy a U.S. flag during a protest outside the U.S. embassy during rally against their role in coalition air strikes on Libya. Ukraine, 21/03/2011

And now we dance: Iosif Kobzon – Sunny peace – yes,yes,yes! Nuclear explosion – no, no, no!

  • I Travel ForJOOLS

    I’m sick of all war and want out of all of it and sure don’t want a new one. He was pressured into it by those who depend on oil from Libya. Yes, that awful, carbon based oil. So why is Obama over in Braziil beating the drum for them to drill and not allowing us to do it. It’s all disgusting. We don’t get a damn thing except higher and higher gas prices.

  • Nacho Hernandez

    Hi there!

    Can I use some of those pictures for my blog?

    I talk about the war on Libya and the oil and all that stuff and I think this pics are awesome.

    I will credit them (I will add a caption to all of them referring to this post/site).

    Would that be possible?

    Here is my blog in case you want to check it out first (it’s in Spanish, though):

    • Sure, go ahead

      • Nacho Hernandez

        Thank you so much!