Happy New Year!


I was going to write a reply to the discussion about the Jews and Christmas trees, but then I thought that there is no point in doing so: everyone who wants a tree in their house probably will have one, and all others will probably find a reason why they won’t. My only contribution is

…but wait,there is more… Happy New Year!

Found In The Russian Store: Kissel


Here is another item you are unlikely to pick up at the Russian store – Kissel or Kisel, a fruit jelly drink for the lack of a better translation.

…but wait,there is more… Found In The Russian Store: Kissel

Christmas Captions

This image might make you think of what happened to the meaning or Christmas or you may just see a Santa on the toilet. I don’t have any prizes this year, so everyone is a winner.

Merry Christmas!

Gefilte Fish 101

It’s been a few months since I wrote about Gefilte Fish and, as I expected, impatient requests for the recipe did not pour into my mailbox. It doesn’t matter, you are getting it anyway; I am not letting good pictures go to waste.

Before you start, get yourself into the fish-making mood by listening to the music like this.

…but wait,there is more… Gefilte Fish 101

Behind The Iron Curtain: Rules for the Soviet Military Contingent In Afghanistan

This rule book was issued in 1987 for the Soviet Military Contingent in Afghanistan. The Soviets still had two bloody years left before the last troops made it home. Not getting drafted to serve in Afghanistan was probably the only benefit of being Jewish that ever materialized in all off my life in the USSR.

…but wait,there is more… Behind The Iron Curtain: Rules for the Soviet Military Contingent In Afghanistan

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