There, I Fixed It!: Kansas City Style

Citizen journalism in this town is celebrating a huge victory and I am here to take all the credit. My recent ground-breaking report on a possible contender for the biggest pothole in the State of Missouri sent seismic waves through the City Hall and the solution came swiftly – a bigger barrier.

Parts of the previous orange obstacle that weren’t swallowed by the pothole were recycled…

…and replaced with the state-of-the-art early warning system.

City geologists used the circular cracks around the barrier to size up a new commemorative steel plate which will be placed over the pothole in the near future.

The City Council ordered the City Attorney to draft a letter to BP demanding reimbursement for the repairs (mostly for the barricade) since the appearance of the pothole is directly related to the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico.

On behalf of myself and many residents of the nearby property tax-free building I’d like to thank the City for paying attention and quick decisive action.

  • midtown miscreant

    Hopefully that thing won’t turn into a sinkhole and swallow the barricade.

  • mauibound

    That damn hole swallowed my wife’s RX-8!
    Ate a front tire and wheel. When people start suing the city, let me know.

  • There may be a way to do it, it’s at the bottom of my previous post.
    I’d definitely give it a shot, why not?

  • A successful suit against the city would require that the hole/whole have been previously reported to the City…. since they obviously came out and sorta filled it … it now qualifies… I still think this is a quantum vortex and is nothing to mess with….