Old Photos:Lenin Is Still Dead

I used to be better at remembering useless dates, I blame the atrophy of my memory on the iPhone. It’s the iPhone’s fault that I am posting this photo three days late. Vladimir Illyich Lenin died on January 21,1924.

People waiting in sub-zero weather to visit Mausoleum Tomb of Lenin & Stalin. ┬ęTime Carl Mydans

  • I can’t help but envy people who had that much faith in a person.

  • You should move up to the Mac tablet (to be announced Wednesday)…. that way I can get you closer and closer to an actual Mac which, as you know, has revolutionized the existence of Donna. Plus… and this is really important…. the first codified Jewish law was written by God on a tablet…. that’s a pretty good recommendation.

  • Notice it was happening on the mountain with lots of free rocks to use for tablets.God knows not to overpay.