You've Been Ah Warned!

  • Igor

    Meesha, what this “ah” means? Is it like “эээ” or “кхе-кхе” interjection? I feel the humor, but can’t see is it any second opinion? 🙂

  • Now that’s funny, I don’t care WHO you are.

  • Igor,it’s similar to this‘, I am not sure where it comes from exactly

  • It’s a folksy, dated way of modifying a verb. I can visualize a Southern preacher a-usin’ words like that a lot when he’s a-talkin’ about the rapture.

  • I’m ahmazed.

  • Ah-wesome picture! I’ll take his warning into consideration.

  • What if he comes while we are ah-sleep, would he be willing to leave a message and stop by later?..

  • I travel for JOOLS

    Remove the headband, the beard, …. Midtown – did ya get ya ah job?

  • Rick

    Funny, he doesn’t look like a Phelps …

  • midtown miscreant

    The sign holder is Hooked on Phonics. Southern, tent revival, televangelist phonics.