Good For You Gourmet: Carrot Salad

To call this a recipe is an overstatement, nevertheless I like it and so does my kid. It will pump your levels of vitamin A so high you’ll get an X-ray vision.

Here goes: peel some carrots (I used 2 lbs) and shred them using any available method (I used food processor). Here is a hint: if you are planning to shred carrots by hand, do not buy a whole bunch of smallĀ  ones, you will regret it. Add salt, maybe a tablespoon or two of mayonnaise and as much pressed garlic as you can handle. Bam!

P.S. Mayonnaise haters need not comment; it’s French and, therefore, delicious.

  • I use Miracle Whip, no garlic, and add sugar and raisins. My mom taught me to put a little sugar in almost everything.

  • I love carrot salad. I use mayo and raisins, no garlic, no sugar. I like garlic, so I will try this one too.

  • midtown miscreant

    I loathe garlic, which is unfortunate since I now live just a couple blocks from a place that makes salad dressing. Im from the carrot salad with sugar and pineapple camp.

  • Add some crushed walnut in addition to garlic. You would not regret it