Who Are The Ad Wizards Who Came Up With This One?!

Continuing  with the idiocy in advertisement theme this blog is bringing you another trend:

♥Uncertain Directives♥

I didn’t dare to click on this banner found on some major newspaper website, I am not gambling with the Code of Business Conduct, but could someone point out to me who should “place the pink patch on HER hip” and who “will receive a FREE sample”? First of all, where do I find the pink patch? And more importantly where do I find her? Will she stand still when I am placing a patch on her hip? How do I know that she won’t call the police and I will be posting “no candy” signs on my door for the rest of my life? And how do I claim my free sample? What is it a sample off? Do I have to photograph the pink patch on her hip to receive it? Do they mail to correctional facilities where I will probably end up?

This advertisement leaves so many questions unanswered. Thanks, ad wizards!

  • AF

    You’ll probably get hit in the face. I couldn’t help but go to the site.. it’s for fucking weight loss. lol Yeah, lets see how a girlfriend would respond to that.

    I would have guessed it was birth control.. but then I was like.. well.. that’s pretty presumptive to believe she will so ahead and sleep with you once you put the patch on her.. never mind
    more coffee..

  • Grace

    At least she’s an adult.

    I’ll tell you what ad really disturbs me. The billboard on I-35 going south (I think just before Metcalf) for David Yurman jewelry. A moody b&w photo of a very young girl, maybe 12 years old, in a post that is clearly meant to be seductive.

    Every time I pass it I wonder what they were thinking? That it would appeal to the pedophile in every jewelry buying man? That seeing a sultry pre-pubescent would stir the jewelry-buying impulse?