Behind the Iron Curtain: Happy Veterans’ Day

Somewhere in this picture there is a lot younger me

  • I believe that is you, back row, on the right?

  • I was hoping that gaining 80 lbs will disguise my identity, but I guess not 🙂

  • AF

    I freaking love these pics!

  • Лена

    I recognize some faces from Uzbekistan or Tadjikistan or other …stan territory. Am I right?

  • They were a majority in the military because their families had 4 times as many children.

  • Grace

    holy 80 lbs ago. your waistline looks like audrey hepburn’s!

  • David Remley

    I LOVE pictures from the 40s..

    • I aim to please. Next -color photos.

  • Donna Allen Wood

    I guess your face hasn’t changed all that much, because I can always pick you out, even in the pictures from your childhood.