Not Lost In Translation

Translating someone else’s text is hard work. Even if you feel that you have the command of both languages and confident you can do it, it’s still not easy to convey the author’s intent in a different language without losing the original in your own interpretation. Here is my attempt:

All of us question the

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Russian Caricature Of The Day

We Will Conquer The World With The Help of The New Miracle Weapon!

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The Power Of The Triangle

A short movie by NicolausFilm from Slovakia.

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Singing With The Russian Accent

My buddy Max and his band Nuthatch47 released a new video clip in which Valentine’s Day meets Economic Crisis.

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Movie Review With The Russian Accent:Young@Heart″

I am not going to make it to 80; there are no octogenarians in my family and I’ve been doing everything possible to croak early enough – I smoked, I drink, I drive on I-35, I eat whatever I feel like and I have plenty of stress in my life. Even though I am not

…but wait,there is more… Movie Review With The Russian Accent:Young@Heart