Old Ads: Alcohol

Some vintage ads for alcoholic beverages.

Beer manufacturers had a dream. We can now safely say they didn’t dream big enough.


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…but wait,there is more… Old Ads: Alcohol

Remember the 80’s?

Every time I go to the library to look at women spin some microfilm, I am always enthralled with the simple details of daily life – ads, job section, headlines – the things I routinely overlook in today’s newspaper paint a captivating picture of the recent and not so recent past.

I didn’t live here

…but wait,there is more… Remember the 80’s?

Old Jewish Joke on Film: The Tailor

Not much original material on this here blog lately, but I couldn’t pass up this old Jewish joke short film presented at the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival.

*Warning: The movie contains one NSFW word, depending on where you W. This blog is not responsible for you not getting the joke, just enjoy the music.

…but wait,there is more… Old Jewish Joke on Film: The Tailor

Old Newspapers: Cuban Missile Crisis

I wasn’t really impressed by the new TV series “The Kennedys”, which briefly touched on many controversies, rumors and conspiracy theories surrounding the Kennedy family. The only new revelation for me was the fact that both President and Mrs.Kennedy were receiving amphetamine shots from Dr.Feelgood. One of the more interesting episodes covered the Kennedy Administration handling the Cuban Missile

…but wait,there is more… Old Newspapers: Cuban Missile Crisis

The First Manned Space Flight

On April 12, 1961 the first manned space flight was performed by the Soviet Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. This is one of the photographs he took from space:

The sign says: V.I.Lenin Lived and Worked Here Between 1870 and 1924.

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…but wait,there is more… The First Manned Space Flight