Old Ads: Food

Continuing with the subject of vintage magazine ads, below are some full-page clips advertising food and soft drinks. It’s interesting to see which products survived into today, as well as trace some common items to the days when they were first introduced. Advertising and marketing were pretty much absent during my childhood – people having to deal with shortagesContinue reading “Old Ads: Food”

Old Photos: Sturgeon and Caviar

A legend my parents always told me that during the hungry post-war years the store shelves had nothing but caviar and people weren’t interested. They wanted the actual food – bread, butter, meat and there is only so much caviar a person can eat even if it’s a prized delicacy. The government even felt necessaryContinue reading “Old Photos: Sturgeon and Caviar”

Found In The Russian Store: Hot Smoked Fish

If I was ever to create an air freshener or an aromatic candle or, dare I say, a fragrance, it would have a smell of smoked fish. It’s the smell that combines the sea air, fresh caught fish, a smoldering fire on the beach, sounds of seagulls in the sky, a small boat on the horizon lit up by theContinue reading “Found In The Russian Store: Hot Smoked Fish”

Russian Gourmet: Cheese-niki

I knew there was a post somewhere on this blog about the Russian pancakes made with Farmer Cheese for which I coined a term cheese-niki, but when my sophisticated gastronomical friend Katrina posted a recipe on her blog, I thought it was time to revisit the subject. There must be some unfortunate reason why the American people areContinue reading “Russian Gourmet: Cheese-niki”