Communists To Elton John: When In Cossack Land Dress As Cossacks Do

Courtesy of my correspondents in Russia comes this article* about a recent announcement concerning Elton John’s planned concert in Krasnodar, Russia in July.

*translation mine

The Communists are suggesting to dress Sir Elton John in a Cossack costume for his performance in Krasnodar.

*** The party refuses to silently observe the outrage on the stage.

Krasnodar. May 6. Interfax-Yug – Krasnodar Regional Committee of the Party “Communist Russia” insists that the British singer-songwriter Elton John, whose performance in Krasnodar is scheduled for July, has to replace his stage costume for the duration of the tour.

Photo courtesy of the long time Elton John fan and memorabilia collector Hyperblogal

“We are prepared to tolerate the performance of Sir Elton John in Krasnodar, on the condition that he changes his provocative outfit (image) to the ceremonial dress of the Kuban Cossack Host, at least for the period of his stay in Russia,” – says the petition by the Party to the law enforcement agencies of the Krasnodar Region issued on Monday.

Moreover, the representatives of the party demand that the law enforcement officers investigate the activities of the organizers of the event, who, as the statement says, “arrange the tours of “stars “of dubious reputation.”

“Some of their work contains hidden propaganda of homosexuality and promiscuity that destroys the institution of the family and has a negative impact on the psychological health of the nation,” – the statement reads.

“We can not ban them from coming here, but we do not intend to silently watch the outrage happening on stage from the sidelines.” – emphasize the authors.

The Elton John’s concert in Krasnodar is scheduled for July 14, 2013 at the “Basket-Hall.”

Show organizers have not commented on the charges by the regional branch of the party “Communist Russia.”

**I would like to assure my readers that this didn’t come from a Russian version of The Onion or some other humor site.