Checked Off My Bucket List: San Francisco

Checked Off My Bucket List: San Francisco

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Now let’s finish up with my vacation report.

After visiting Seattle, taking the Coast Starlight and then driving the most scenic of the American roads, we returned to San Francisco for the last three days of our vacation.

San Francisco is the city where the War on Drugs was lost. Many times throughout the day, in different parts of town, one walks through a cloud of the familiar yet unusual in the streets of Kansas City smell and immediately takes another whiff just to make sure it’s not a mistake. In the middle of the day in the touristiest of the tourist areas, next to expensive stores and restaurants, a nicely dressed woman produced a mini-bong out of her pricey purse and turning her face ,to the wall, proceeded to treat her glaucoma (if you know what I mean). When my kid came out of the store, I started to recount that mind-blowing event, but then realized that she may not know the meaning of the word bong. She knew. Thank you, O-e School District for taking care of that awkward conversation!

San Francisco is beautiful city, with many different faces, amazing food of a mind-blowing variety, endless number of things to do, enough weather changes to keep an army of meteorologists busy, and more homeless people than an average resident of Midwest will encounter in a lifetime. My only advice is that if you are not in the greatest of shapes, visiting the Crookedest Street in the World is better done on a bus. It’s not that exciting and you almost need a  Sherpa to get up on the damn hill. If you have time, check out SF Playhouse, we really enjoyed My Fair Lady, much better choice than a magician we originally set out to see.

And now we move to the visual part of this post.

Sausalito, CA.

Some guy was building these rock sculptures for the tourists.

Quiet Baby Machine

Alcatraz. This just about as much time as I wanted to spend on it. Apparently tickets need to be ordered in advance.

Doesn’t look like a lot of swimming in freezing water.

This guy is not a real traffic controller, proving that drivers will obey any idiot in an orange vest.

There is an oversupply of living statues, especially the angry ones.

The Crookedest Street in the World is overrated.

I was surprised that there was still some oxygen at that elevation.

Hair & Hair. Must be a common last name.

Didn’t feel like standing in line for one of these.

U Park, V Tow, U Pay.Make your own joke.

Golden years.

This is where we stayed. For the 1st time we were staying at a hotel that would pay $5 per day (in credits or Starbucks gift cards) if you didn’t choose to get your room cleaned every morning. My kid left with $15 in gift cards and I saved three days worth of tips. A win-win.

My kid gave me a look for taking this picture.

City Hall, I think.

Union Square.

No Unlawful Sex.

The Dude?

Shame on Victoria Secret.

This is the site hallow to people who liked the show Full House.

Golden Gate Bridge.

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