Old Photos:Winter In Moscow 1959

I am often asked if I like cold and snow because I am from the USSR where it’s always cold, snowy and hungry bears are roaming the streets attacking the people who spend their days standing in darkness in line for toilet paper. As much as this image is truthful, I only like cold and snow when it stays where it belongs – in Colorado, or more generally away from the areas where I live, work and drive. The song about the white Christmas was probably written somewhere in Florida where it was unlikely to ever happen.
With this in mind here are some photos of winter in Moscow. Original Life Magazine article can be found here.

People bundled up against the cold winter weather outside the St. Basil's Cathedral.©Time Carl Mydans

Children bundled up against the cold winter weather, skiing in the streets.©Time Carl Mydans

Troika racing in snow-covered Moscow Hippodrome in wintry Moscow.©Time Carl Mydans

Vendor manning his cart, selling dairy items kept fresh in winter cold.©Time Carl Mydans

Wintry vista encompassing frozen Moscow River, Kremlin tower & palace.©Time Carl Mydans

Moscow during winter weather.©Time Carl Mydans

Woman bundled up against the cold winter weather.©Time Carl Mydans

Families bundle up against the cold, playing on the ice.©Time Carl Mydans

Giant snow sculpture of a woman stands outside Lenin Stadium for winter carnival.©Time Carl Mydans

Ice being broke in river for later winter swimming.©Time Carl Mydans

Children bundled up against the cold winter weather, sitting on a bench on Gogolevski Boulevard.©Time Carl Mydans