Who Are The Ad Wizards Who Came Up With This One?

Billboards entertain me on the way to and from work. Some are plain ads and not so interesting, some are stupid, others advertise a religion,  fake marriage proposals, or talk about your wife.
Today I put my life in danger to bring you these photos:
WTF? Really?Really?

Is this a play on the word “homo’s”?

I bet you do!

I wish I could be at the sales meeting where some Ad Wizards (who apparently roll their own) were selling this campaign to Houlihan’s:

Ad Wizard: We are going to use the acronym WTF plastered next to your company’s name!

Houlihan’s: WTF?

Ad Wizard: Take a hit, we roll our own!

Houlihan’s: Sold!

My advice – hire this lady before “hummus among us” make your life miserable.

*electronic billboard located on I-35 S, before Antioch St. exit.