Strong Rebuke Of A Strong Rebuke

Pitch linked to a blog post of someone who was appreciative of the the WPA projects in Colby, KS.

His experience is a strong rebuke to the cranks who argue that a federal economic stimulus package is “socialist” and therefore bad.

Most people who are throwing around the word “socialism” have no idea what it is and I am not here to explain (I had to take classes on socialism and lived through some of it so that makes me an expert). On the other hand, I don’t think posting a few pictures and nostalgic comments makes a for a “strong rebuke” of anything, so I thought I’d post a few pictures of my own just to prove a point.

This is what socialism looks like:


This is what happens when the government owns the means of production and fails to match supply with demand. Do these pictures prove anything? Only that for every photo there is a counter-photo, and for every nostalgic memory, there is one you would not like to relive.

*photos linked from this blog.