No, this not a testicular MRI of a certain blogger. On the left is a citrus fruit Red Pummelo and on the right is a regular orange. Many times I walked by a stack of Pummelo’s at the grocery store wondering what do they taste like. Finally, when my savings account balance reached $2 I broke down and purchased one. Pummelo is four or five times larger than a regular orange but feels very light. Its skin is very thick and I followed the instructional video explaining how to get it ready to eat. (It’s long but I like the music)


It took me 10-15 minutes to completely take apart the Pummelo by first scoring the peel in a spiral and then removing membrane from each segment. With a little sugar it tasted pretty good, similar to grapefruit but with a slightly different very pleasant flavor. I am not sure how often I will be eating Pummelo considering all the work, but I will probably buy it again when I save up another two bucks.