This Grinds My Gear-Skiy

I wonder why there are no motorcycle police when the weather is cold. If they think they are so cool why not do it year-round? I’d like to see them chase somebody through a foot of snow. At least you’ll get a show with your ticket.

Why would someone put a club on a crappy old car parked 2 levels down in an underground guarded garage?  Sentimental value?

If you own a truck but take five minutes to get over a speed bump, do yourself a favor and get a smaller vehicle to match your retarded driving style.

Who writes the scary music for political commercials? Do people specialize in music that plays in the background while a candidate is being badmouthed by a concerned voice? And I wonder what does the voice-over actor’s resume look like – “speaks in a voice of extremely concerned citizen suddenly changing into inspired ecstatic voice of elation”

Meet Chinese Mr.Peanut:


The next photo will only be understood by people who sat through endless ISO 9001 meetings and had to go through fake audits every once in a while. Presenting ISO 9001 Certified sunflower seeds from China. Haven’t tried them yet, not sure if I should, knowing how it worked out for my previous employer.


Speaking about worthless corporate gimmicks, I always wondered if there is a person alive who can go to a motivational seminar and come back to the office with increased productivity. I understand people who go there to please their boss, waste a few hours of paid time, maybe get a free lunch, but can you truly get inspired by listening to Giuliani who looks like a small-time shyster and a guy with a name like “Zig Ziglar”? I always thought that a small raise will do more in a way of inspiration than two weeks worth of inspirational time wasting.

This was: “This grinds my gear-skiy”