Poll of the Week:Driving and Watching People,Do They Mix

I find that while driving I have to look around to see who else is on the road next to me. When I pass someone, I almost always have to turn my head and look who I just left behind. Women in fancy cars, especially with plates like “HOT4U” always deserve a look (almost always a disappointment). Jackasses, tailgaters, people who cut me off in traffic are asking for a nasty look. People who eat, shave, apply makeup, read and talk on the phone get a look too, maybe the last look they will get before they crash. Just the other day I saw a woman who was seemingly trying to swallow….a whole egg McMuffin, wrapper and all, while driving 75 mph. So I am guilty but I can’t stop myself from doing it. It makes an hour I spend on the road every day go by faster.
So this week’s poll will help determine if my behavior is the norm or a deviation. Vote!
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