Why I Don’t Vote

Many bloggers are excited about the Super Tuesday. Me – not so much. I have been eligible to vote for the past 10 years, I haven’t done it once. I don’t belong to any party and I am not registered to vote. I always keep up with politics, I can hold my own in any political discussion, I know all about democracy, Constitution, government, right to vote, etc., I just  never have seen a candidate that I  liked.  Throughout  my years in this country I have grown disappointed with candidates American people have to chose from. Why are the most disingenuous, unqualified, slimy, dishonest people are being elected President? The short answer is that the voters have certain issues that will attract their vote no matter what. If Hitler was running for President today on a pro-life platform he would be guaranteed evangelical vote, if he was for gay marriage -gay vote would be his for taking, if he was to cut taxes -he would get republicans, raise taxes – democrats, if, if if… People vote with these issue blinders on, failing to notice that this country is bigger than abortion, gay marriage and war on Christmas. It needs a leader who is intelligent and honest. That’s it. All the other qualifications are insignificant. Foreign policy experience, military experience, lawmaking experience – irrelevant. What made all the previous presidents such experts in any of these disciplines? Every president since Roosevelt left us with some never ending international screw-up: Cuba, Vietnam, Korea, China, Middle East, Eastern Europe, Bosnia, Central America. Military is littered with billions of dollars of worthless initiatives and restructuring. And lawmaking is a whole another disaster area : who can forget Terry Schiavo emergency legislation? Obviously lack of qualifications did not stop anyone from being a president.
Another election year leaves me without a candidate that would represent me or make this country better. Yes, I’ve seen Obama and he is great but I don’t see much good coming out of the democratic presidency and democratic congress. McCain, Huckabee, Clinton -more of what we already have. Why bother. There are plenty of idealists in this country to elect the next president. Idealists and idiots.  There are, for example, 246 morons in the state of Missouri who voted for Chris Dodd and he is not even in the race. Democracy is in the safe hands. Relax.