Perkins – where old waitresses go to die

Nothing bums me out more than the sight of a seventy year old woman delivering my pancakes. I don’t know what brings them there – bad life decisions, sickness, ungrateful children or some other sad reason, all I know is – it shouldn’t be like that. We can talk about a failure of the system to provide for the elderly, many countries struggle with that. I bitch a lot about my tax money being wasted but this is the case where I wouldn’t have a problem with the government letting old people live out their last years with dignity.

One step down from old people running with your coffee is a job of holding store closing signs or human sign post. People who came up with that idea are going straight to hell (or be forced to watch Royals play for prolonged periods of time). Making another human being hold a stupid sign which could be just as easily stuck in the ground is embarrassing and denigrating. I understand the people who hold these signs, sometimes you just need any job, but the assholes who make poor people do this should die (unless it pays $30/hr and then where do I apply).