Red Angels

A short clip of the Soviet Air force demonstration at the Tushino Airfield near Moscow in 1951.

After the National Anthem is played for the group of the Soviet leaders including Stalin, pilots proceed to show their skills in flying Stalin’s portrait and writing “Long Live Stalin” in the air.

The song “March of the Stalin’s Air force”:

We were born to make the dream come true,
To overcome the open space,
Our mind (later was sung as “Stalin”) gave us steel arms -wings,
And instead of a heart – a fiery motor.

Higher and higher and higher
We are aiming our birds,
And every propeller is breathing
With tranquility of our borders.

When aiming our obedient machines even higher,
Or making an unprecedented flight,
We recognize that our air fleet is growing,
World’s first proletarian fleet!

Our sharp vision is piercing every atom,
Every nerve is full of determination;
Believe us, every ultimatum
Air fleet will be able to answer.