Once in a while I see a car with a KS license plate with the word “foodie” on it. It reminds me of another self-important branch of the “social media” – people who are obsessed with name-dropping, over-hyping restaurants and overusing the word “chef“. Today I was listening to Charles Ferruzza on Walt Bodine show discuss food critics and foodies. As an aside, I think they can record Walt’s occasional quips and just push the right buttons at the right time. Charles clarified his position in his reply to my comment (which I immediately printed out and framed):

I don’t necessarily dislike them (foodies), I just don’t want to BE one. (Not that they would want me, anyway — my taste is far too vulgar).

I have to agree – I just like to eat, I don’t really care what the name of the chef is, or is it even a real chef and not some guy with a grill or a skillet. I was going to do a whole write-up on why I don’t really care for foodies but my feelings were expressed 0n the 21st second of the following clip.

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Preview – The Foodie
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To round off the food theme please enjoy these (not altered) photos of the promotional calendar for a local Chinese restaurant with unorthodox choice of photographs.

  • I’m so out-of-touch with the real world, I’ve never even heard the word “foodie”.

  • Old Fart

    Cat – The other white meat!

  • I’m afraid to ask… are those cute calendar pictures or entrees?

  • I travel for JOOLS

    That’s just too funny.

  • Cat’s and Asian restaurants, always linked in my mind.

    As for the term foodie, I don’t mind people using it but it always sounds a little self important. Like a connoisseur of fine beverages, I prefer to say that I like a drink from time to time.

  • amy

    i really hope that is an unfortunate coincidence…shiver.

  • midtown miscreant

    I’ll have the Moo Goo Gai Cat and the kung pow puppy.