Will I Get in Trouble With The Lord…

…if I put His name and His word in the trash? Damn you, Hen House!

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Another Lord’s word encounter today:


Report this, Bill Grady!

  • That’s hilarious. Do you think you would get into more trouble if you dumped your used kitty litter in the sack and then put it in the trash? Thanks for the laugh.

  • travel

    Well, I have to say I was surprised. Hen House really sticking out their neck by probably offending those who are not Christian. And, I can understand that. However, is it not their constitutional right to do so? I ask that in the spirit of a constitutional question, not because you are Jewish. If I was at a Jewish market, it would not offend me to get a bag with Jewish insignia or whatever on it because I would know that it was promoted as a Jewish market. But, in the case of Hen House, it is neither church nor state, but a private business and as such people don’t expect any religious promotion. Yet, I can’t see where it is illegal. I wonder if they quote any New Testament.

    Very interesting.

  • Travel, I was not offended at all. This question is more tongue-in-cheek. It goes back to when I first got here and the first thing I saw at my first job was three guys holding a prayer circle in the restroom, while other people did what the restroom was intended for. I worked with a guy who carried the bible everywhere and read it sitting on the toilet. I always thought that prayer and bible should have more respect (if you happened to be a believer) than being read on the crapper. This strikes me the same. I use grocery bags in my trashcan. Do you as a Christian think it’s appropriate to line your trashcan with holy text? I imagine that’s kind of disrespectful for the scripture. To me these words don’t mean anything, I don’t believe in god, so I don’t care either way. Also I don’t care that Hen House put this on the bags. Let me use slippery slope here: would you be comfortable with toilet paper with bible quotes on it?

  • travel

    Well, yes, scripture on toilet paper would personally offend me so I see what you’re saying, but not illegal to sell it. I just wouldn’t buy it. That’s the diff with what Hen House is doing. Their customers are surely of all different religions or none at all and they aren’t expecting scripture to accompany their carrots and hamburger on the way home. Imagine what Muslims must think. Well, as I said before, I’m still shocked HenHouse is doing this.

  • How is that:You shall not make wrongful use of the name of the Lord your God, for the Lord will not acquit anyone who misuses his name.