It’s that time of a month…

… when I am eating red borscht again. Since my daughter is unlikely to inherit any money, this recipe is probably all she is going to get, so she can cook it for some unlucky schmuck who will get me for a father-in-law.

  • Don’t like beets and cabbage gives me gas almost as bad as gound up pig anus.

    Gonna have to take a pass on the borscht.

  • Mmmm…..beets….My Ukranian grandma made the best borscht and poviticia (well, everything the woman made was divine)…borscht…damn you, I’m drooling now…how embarrassing…

  • actually povitica is Croatian, I think,

  • The color reminds me of a chilled raspberry soup I made once. Not a huge fan of borscht, but maybe I could come around. I eat chili now, and I didn’t touch that for years.