• Old Photos: Ali Vs. Bonavena at the Madison Square Garden

    On December 7, 1970 Mohammad Ali fought Oscar Bonavena at the Madison Square Garden.

    *even if you don’t like boxing you should watch this video all the way to the end.

    I am not a fan of boxing but I am posting these photos just for the awesome 1970 outfits people were wearing to the fight.

    ©Time Inc.Bill Ray

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  • Care And Safety of Women While Camping

    Care and safety of women during camping trips is an important subject that’s often overlooked. If your woman looks good, other men will try to steal her away from you. She may also use the outdoors, your relaxed state and heavy alcohol intake to escape. There are multiple other dangers lurking in the seemingly peaceful wooded and lake areas. To avoid potential pitfalls it’s best to tie your woman to a heavy unmovable object such as a tree or a post:

    The type of the knot you use is very important: some women are crafty and will untie an easy knot before you know it. Remember your boyscout years; here is some detail from the photo above:

    If you have a young child, place him on a tree with the rifle in clear view of your woman as an extra precaution:

    After your woman is secured you can finally proceed to do what camping is really all about: getting drunk, ogling other untied women and trying not to lose your brand new boat.

    This safety tip was brought to you by:

    Truck Antlers: Don’t Be A Schmuck, Turn You Truck Into A Buck!

    Additional financing by:
    Giant Fish-Looking Mailboxes: Who Is A Pussy Now?  I Am Talking To You, You God Damn Mailman Son-Of-A-Bitch!

  • Old Photos: Vintage Kansas City

    On my rare visit to Barnes and Noble, a store that encourages consumer to buy books online, I discovered a new batch of books containing vintage photos of Kansas City and other nearby places of interest. While I admire the effort to collect and annotate enough historic photos for a book, I don’t see myself paying over $20 for one of them. I am afraid many of these will be read at the coffee shop upstairs.

    Luckily there are plenty of old photos online to entertain a cheap person like myself and even some books that can be read and downloaded for free. For example, check out A Birthday Book Of Kansas City 1821-1921 by Charles Phelps Cushing (obviously you should do it at work). The following photos and captions are taken from this book.

    Kansas City

    The Past and Present, on this block there is one of the newest and one of the oldest buildings in Kansas City. At Tenth Street and Grand Ave. arises the frame of the new Federal Bank Building. The oldest church building still in church use in Kansas City is the Catholic Church of St.Peter and St.Paul. southwest corner of Ninth and McGee streets. Sarvent

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  • Financial Crisis Jam

    Recent post by M.Toast (it rhymes) where she effectively came out as a jam addict made me take a look at my fridge.


    Guilty, but there is a difference. With my shopping habits you can say I’ve been preparing for a financial crisis all my life. While M.Toast is paying big bucks at high-end stores and at the City Market, I get my fix at the Big Lots. Today’s trip netted some French concoctions (it’s French, so it must be delicious).


    I am sure these run probably close to $5-6 at some fancy stores; Big Lots -$2.50. Inventory always changes. Couple of months ago, I picked up a couple of jars of the “Fantastico Fig Jam”.


    P1010298 P1010294

    I am still mad at myself for not picking up a whole case. Who knew fig jam would be so popular in Olathe.

    If you are wondering about the item in a plastic tub in my fridge with Russian/Hebrew writing on it, it’s a hard-to-find fresh black currant ground up with sugar. It’s not exactly a jam, it’s preserved by exorbitant amounts of sugar so it doesn’t have to be cooked. We used to preserve raspberries this way. Fresh all winter. Locally found only in the Russian stores and is not very cheap but totally worth it. Make sure you are not buying similar-looking but heat-treated version of the same.

    Even when the times are hard you can sweeten up your life a little with some money to spare for your other vices like prostitutes and drugs. You just have to know where to look.

  • When In Doubt – Check Her Out

    Dating world is a minefield already, sometimes a quick crotch-check a la Crocodile Dundee is necessary to ensure future compatibility.

    Candidates for the Amazing Philippines Beauties contest for transvestites and transsexuals wave after they were presented to the media at a hotel in Manila October 7, 2008. Some 25 contestants are vying for the annual crown which will be handed out on October 24.