• Kansas City Billboard News

    Few billboards in town that were not bought up by the multilevel marketer Google Fiber.

    Seeing this billboard inspired me to open my own all-natural breast cancer prevention clinic. During the daylight hours, women are welcome to receive a preventative dose of sunlight on my driveway, absolutely free. Please arrive topless for the best effect.

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  • Kansas Roadtrips: Lebo and Osage City

    This time of the year is the apple season around here, the time when we make our annual trip to our favorite apple orchard in Williamsburg, KS. Over the years we’ve done quite a bit of driving in this part of Kansas, visiting small towns like Garnett and Osawatomie, Burlington, Ottawa, Williamsburg  and this year we stopped for a few minutes in Lebo and Osage City.

    Nothing makes me stop in my tracks faster than a mural sighting. Of course, the magnificent murals of Coffeyville (click to be amazed) are hard to beat; Burlington comes in distant second.

    Here is the mural from Lebo:

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  • Old Photos: Wonderland Arcade in Kansas City

    Recently a set of photos taken at the Kansas City’s Wonderland Arcade in the late 1960’s made rounds on the Internet. These photos are stored at the National Archives in the file “Wonderland Inc. v. United States of America, 1968 – 1968”. The National Archives allows searches but not direct links or bookmarks, so you will have to enter your own search terms.

    The Arcade located at 1200 Grand from the 1940’s to the early 1980’s was covered in the press numerous times, like this Billboard Magazine article: Wonderland Arcade Good Model of Well-run Amusement Center published in 1946, when The Billboard was still an amusement industry trade magazine.

    Same magazine in 1947 informed about the time when the Wonderland Arcade was robbed of $150 in nickels, some of which was spent on a “new suit, shoes and a tour of the city by taxicab”.

    Wonderland Arcade Robbed by 13-Yr.-Old Boy

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  • Somewhere in Kansas

    Just a few photos here and there…

    Prehistoric squirrel discovered along my walking trail:

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  • Pickled Jalapeños

    If you are still using pathetic-looking jalapeños like these, do yourself a favor and pitch them or at least give them to someone you don’t like. Do not donate them to Harvesters – poor people have dignity too. Instead spend two bucks and 15 minutes to pickle your own delicious crunchy jalapeños. The recipe I am using is in Russian and translated version reads like gibberish, so with the credit to original creator of this recipe I will translate it and use my own pictures.

    1. Buy 10-20 nice-looking jalapeños. I usually pick the mixed colored ones, they just look good.

    2. Slice thinly the jalapeños, some shallots or onions and 5 cloves of garlic.

    P1000049 P1000044 P1000045 P1000046 P1000049

    3. In the meantime heat up two cups of white vinegar (5%) with 2 tablespoons of salt, two tablespoons of sugar, less than a teaspoon of oregano ( I don’t put too much at all) and few bay leaves. When sugar and salt dissolve turn the heat off and let cool.


    4. Place your jalapeños, onions and garlic in a container.

    P1000050 P1000051 P1000052

    5. Pour cooled liquid over the peppers.

    P1000054 P1000055

    6. Cover the container and place in the refrigerator for 24 hours until vinegary smell dissipates. Because the seeds were left in, these peppers may only get hotter with time.

    Disclaimer:This recipe was safely tested on my co-workers. I cannot be held responsible for the damage to your internal organs.

    Warning: During the preparation of this recipe resist the urge to rub your eyes and any other sensitive parts of your body. Wash your hands before touching yourself. Women and girly-men are allowed to wear gloves.