• Borscht

    Borscht has only a few ingredients and some of them are on the American most hated foods list: beets, cabbage and V8 (or tomato juice). And yet it’s so delicious.

  • Kansas Roadtrips: Wamego

    It is true that anywhere in the world when people who may not even speak English find out that you are from Kansas, they smile and say something about the Wizard of Oz. And just like L. Frank Baum made Kansas known worldwide, some marketing genius made Wamego, KS a worthwhile side trip for anyone passing through the state.
    Wamego is located near Manhattan, KS and close enough to I-70 to make a detour. It doesn’t have any discernible claim to the Oz fame, except for actually being in Kansas.

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  • Strength and technology

    Not that long ago a person’s love for technology required substantial physical strength. Nowadays anyone can show up on a date carrying a laptop or an iPod. Here is what it would have looked like about 25 years ago.

    It was so long ago that this guy

    still looked like this:

    More old cutting edge technology can be seen here (ignore the Russian text).

  • The Home Of Just Plain Folks

    Apparently Just Plain Folks make their home in Williamsburg, KS.

    Them are the folks who know who is to blame for the 9/11.

    Other than the classified information the folks possess a building built in the year 188…

    …a combination Tavern/City Hall…

    …a weapon of mass destruction…

    …a city park…

    … a nondescript building…

    …a front-yard antique car display…

    …a dilapidated elevator…

    …and possibly a cafe…

    …adorned with rim-art.

    Next to Williamsburg is a so-called ghost town of Silkville, KS,

    of which I was able to locate this building,

    next to a huge stump of possibly a Russian Mulberry tree used to grow silk-worms.

    If you are one of them plain folks, there is some room for you in Williamsburg.

    Move in and start donating your junk for the playground construction.

    And now we dance:

    Edit: I am being told that the Guy & Mae’s Tavern is a wonder of Kansas cuisine and has unbelievably awesome ribs.

  • Victory Day May 9th 1945

    Over the years this blog covered the Victory Day (or VE Day as it’s known here) more than once. This year I will just publish a compilation of links to my previous posts.

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