Old Photos: Just Some Old Photos

I’ve been meaning to use the word maven  on this blog for a long time, so here goes:

Local antiquing maven and dealer Susan let me scan some of these random old photos before she puts them up for sale. Susan’s antiques can be found on Etsy, her Twitter, Facebook and blog, as well as at the River Market Antique Mall booth 622, but she highly recommends visiting the other 621 booths as well.

Same building with smoke.

Coca-Cola relieves fatigue.

The next set seems to be a collection of stills of Mitt Romney’s life.

  • SKC Observer

    Third photo from the top, the big building: what and where is/was that?  That photo is dated sometime in the late 1960s-early 1970s–due to the automobiles visible.  That is the most extraordinary structure!

    • The only thing I know that there is a stamp on the back of the photo from a St.Louis photographer. No other markings or anything else. Maybe someone else would recognize it.

      • CableLegend

        It’s the Old Post Office in St. Louis, MO. Built in 1872, it was nearly destroyed in the 60s before a citizens group saved it. It was fully restored and reopened in 2006.


  • I Travel for JOOLS

    Love the old photos and found a fellow Etsian from the area thanks to this blog.  Susan – I favorited your shop and added you to my circle.   I’m also on Etsy at http://www.vintagejewelrymeadow.etsy.com
    Also, I love visiting the mall.  Haven’t been there in over a year so must plan another visit soon.

  • Irispooh

    It looks like it may be a building in downtown St. Louis, a few blocks from the arch.

    Thanks “Jools.” It’s nice to see other local vintage sellers on Etsy as well. Not many from around here.