Not That There is Anything Wrong With That!

So TKC turned out to be thin-skinned (I don’t mean literally though, because he isn’t). He even referred to one of the commenters on my blog, and I am not sure when did she ever ask for and insulting write-up about her. While skimming through the long opus the following comment caught my eye:

EXTREMELY THE GHEY TO GO AROUND RATING THE ATTRACTIVENESS OF OTHER MEN . . . At least without amending your remarks with “no homo.” Natch.

For many reasons I don’t feel like I should be saying “no homo” every time there is a potential threat to my manliness.

When I was growing upĀ© there was an old joke:

An American comes to the USSR and while walking on the street falls into an unmarked open manhole (should it be “no homo” here?).
He climbs out and starts screaming: “Why wasn’t this manhole marked, where were the warning and caution signs, markings, red flags?”
An old Russian looks at him in amazement and says: ” Did you see a huge red flag when you were crossing the border?”
American replied: “Sure”
“That was your warning, dumb-ass”

And the point of this story besides that jokes don’t translate very well, is that this whole blog is “no homo”, but even if I was one I’d still be a better-looking homo than TKC.