Driving Missouri: Nevada

Nevada, MO has everything I am looking for in a small town – liveliness, old buildings, murals and a county courthouse. In accordance with a Missouri State custom, Nevada is not pronounced the way it’s spelled; addressing it as anything but Ne-vay-duh  will expose you as an outsider.

We made a stop in Nevada on the way to Bentonville, AR, because we were getting bored on a long stretch of the newly-minted I-49. The only entertainment on the previous 80 or so miles was provided by a trailer home flying a banner with a picture of an automatic rifle and the words “Come and get it!”. Ain’t nobody got time for that! 

At the first glance, parts of town looked abandoned.

But then one gun shop to another….

…it gets better and better.

Then you see a mural…

…then another…

…and you know it was worth getting off the highway.

Old movie theater looks presentable…

…although it doesn’t look like it’s used for the original purpose any longer.

The Town Square is anchored by the Vernon County Courthouse…

…and looked very busy on a cold Tuesday afternoon.

The word is that the Bushwhacker Museum is worth a visit, but we had to move on to the next stop which turned out to be the creepiest place I’ve ever visited.

  • Believe I’ve met the bride and groom.

  • Donna Allen Wood

    I love the small town tours, and can’t wait for the next creepy entry.

  • Steve

    1. 98% of the population is white, the other 2% are Irish.
    2. 5% of the population are Amish, not a joke just surreal.
    3. Whenever a business closes, be it a Pizza Hut, QuickTrip, or ALDIs; it always gets turned into a church.
    4. A “Gay bar” isn’t a tavern, but an actual metal bar used to beat up gays.
    5. 2G is considered high speed internet.

    6. Delway Burgers is owned by a former professional George W Bush impersonator. Surprising to have the former President bring out your burger.
    7. Being Mayor is a part time job.
    8. Morbidly Obese is the average weight class.
    9. Border line MR is the average IQ.
    10. The local Dollar Tree has a wedding registry

  • Especedepaysan

    Are the bride and groom mannequins modeled after the citizens of the town?

    • Citizens looked pretty average Midwest variety.