The Curse of Kansas City

This article about the Hyatt Regency disaster published in the Weekly World News on August 11, 1981 has a curious inset.


Some of these I’ve never heard about, like the Kemper Arena roof collapse in 1979 and 1977 Country Club Plaza flood (awesome news clip with Larry Moore).


Bonus: Politically incorrect ad for Canada Dry

  • Nick

    A bunch of us were hangin’ at Sub’s Pub that Monday night, getting some food down before heading up the road to the Levee, and talking about whether Biko had really been killed. When we walked outside to get into a car we could see the water flowing across 47th at the bottom of Main. Had no idea it was deep enough to carry off cars.
    Yes, of course we were high…

    • Almost looked like NYC there for a bit.

      • Nick

        Nah; never saw even a single rat…

        • Rats just moved up without leaving the sewer.

  • Donna Allen Wood

    I remember the Hyatt disaster because we were downtown at the bus station to pick up our thirteen-year-old son, who had spent a week in Branson with my parents. We NEVER, EVER had cause to be in downtown KC, and it seems odd we were there exactly at the moment that happened. We heard all the sirens, but didn’t know what happened until we got home.