KDOT Builds An Unintentional Express Lane

KDOT’s recently completed construction of the 75th Street collector-distributor exit ramp lane did not alleviate traffic backups that predictably occur in that area during the rush-hour at least twice a day. Anyone who drives on I35 with any regularity would’ve predicted that before any concrete was poured into that project. Traffic jams occur not because people are trying to exit on the 75th st; they are caused by an inflow of morons merging into the traffic and immediately attempting to reach the left lane so they don’t miss their exit to I635 several miles later.

Luckily there is a silver lining and the said lining can only be found on this blog, well-known for its optimism and positiveness. While the project completely failed in its original intent, KDOT has unintentionally created the first ever express lane in the Kansas City Metro Area.

On this video (made by an extremely unidentified driver) you can see how the long and winding exit lane with more tunnels than a Hutchinson prairie dog town, conveniently bypasses the entire traffic jam and safely gets back on the highway.

Now if only someone would get rid of the long stop light at the end of the exit ramp.

In the meantime, we are looking forward to KDOT’s other poorly engineered projects and their unintentional results.

  • Jjskck

    I wondered this from the beginning – why are they concerned about the 5% of cars trying to exit I-35 to 75th Street, when the issue is the 100% of cars dumping from US-69 to I-35? That’s always been the problem.

    Watch out for cars entering the highway from westbound 75th onto northbound I-35. They aren’t expecting anyone to cross the street and get back on the highway.

    • Yeah I am keeping an eye on them even though they have red light.

      • Jjskck

        The ones turning right have a yield sign, so they are just looking for people turning left from eastbound 75th onto NB I-35.

  • David Remley

    I think the best way to handle traffic congestion is to ban cars from the interstates.

  • That whole I-635 exit situation is downright dangerous. It gets so backed up at rush hour that people feel panicked if they don’t get over immediately. If you miss your chance, merging into that slow 635 exit lane is no fun when everyone behind you and to the right is going as fast as they can.

    • Jjskck

      Agreed, and it’s been an issue for years (I used to have to take that route home daily when I lived in KCK). It’s an incredibly poor design – it’s a left exit, the ramp to 635 can’t be taken at more than 35 mph, plus traffic from 635S to 35N is merging in at about 25 mph.

  • chimpotle

    I typically just stay in the right lane until I get close to the 87th St on ramp, then jump all the way to the left. I also usually go to work at 6:45 in the morning, so it’s not an issue. This would be a real time saver around 7:30 though.

    To DLC’s point, I’m pretty sure people returning to the Northland via 635 every night have the worst commute in the city. The traffic cones they had up this morning should be a real treat if they are still there tonight.

    • I do the same right lane – left lane thing but at 7:20 it’s not as easy as 30 minutes earlier.

  • Rick in PV

    I drove that concrete canyon for the first time the other day. My God, I don’t Pendergast poured as much in KCMO in his heyday.