Back Off Devil!

Continuing with the subject of random vehicle photos altered with annoying photo filters, here is an awesome moving piece of art. This Gulliver-like Jesus sitting in the low-flying cloud, winged angels leading people out of their coffins with lids still attached, and even a bible-gripping Yosemite Sam, could be yours if you manage to locate the owners phone number.

I am the way, the truth and the life....

I am the resurrection an the life...

Back off Devil! Jesus Christ the Lord is here!

  • David Remley

    If it’s for sale everyone must be saved.

  • Nuke

    Hmmm, my brother and sister-in-law are looking for a vehicle that will ferry around 3 kids under 5. AND they are churchy, so it’s a double win!

  • kcmeesha

    The worst part was that I gave the camera that’s always in my car to my kid for her trip, so I had to go home and get another camera. By that time the awesome guy who was holding a sign “Jesus Christ is coming. Repent!” was gone. I stayed there for 45 minutes, hoping he will come back but he didn’t.

  • Nick

    man – you got all the luck. i NEVER see insane cool shit like that…

  • SnoopyTheGoon

    This cute pirate is how they see the devil? Hm…

    • kcmeesha

      It’s not a pirate, it Yosemite Sam. And he is the one who is addressing the devil while holding a bible in his hand.

      • SnoopyTheGoon

        ¬†Oops. My ignorant…