WTF Illustrated: It’s Been A Long Time

I used to do these posts often, but either it’s a lot harder to surprise me these days or I am just lazy. Probably the latter.

Here are a few things that caught my eye:

This is a coupon mailer to Great Clips where the price of a haircut increases proportionally with the hair growth. Missed your cut in March, it’s two bucks more if you go in April and even more in May.

In this sample of a used car dealer classic, two people “appear taking oath”, but since there is nothing in front of them, they are just standing there with their hands raised. If that’s not reassuring enough, there are Bible quotes and a lot of folksy talk.

In this day and age, calling your company OMG Insurance is like people named Richard insisting on being called a Dick. Still made me look twice.

Lastly, I know what this billboard is trying to advertise but I still have no idea where this lady’s purchases took her and her milk jug.

  • I have seen the UMB ad everywhere it seems. Granted that bilboard (on the NW corner of the loop) is kind oddly cropped. Online the add is a full horizontal that shows her at a concert and includes copy about getting free tickets with her milk jug purchase… but who knows.

  • Car ads are my best and favorite, as Lola is fond of saying.

    It seems I’ve read every type of car ad there can possibly be, at least umpteen times over, and yet they keep churning them out. MHO is that they do them for their own egos – more than any other business car people tend to ‘star’ in their own ads. Been that way for decades. That is with the notable exceptions of the younger Watson girl and The High Yellow Pine Cowboy….

  • This barber shop then must charge you according to the quantity of hair they cut.
    Great set of ads anyway 😉