Old Newspapers: A Geographical Conundrum

In the late 1987 even the show Jeopardy fell victim to the confusion between the two Kansas City’s:

©The Free Lance Star. January 4,1988

©The Free Lance Star. January 4,1988

  • Hell….KCK is still a suburb of KCMO

  • That’s an amusing story. I tend to side with Jeopardy: a pretty strong case can be made that KCK is a suburb (as opposed to anchor city). Wikipedia seems to think so as well.

  • Bob

    I remember this story the first time it came around.  My opinion hasn’t changed, unfortunately.  KCK is either a suburb, if you define suburb as a smaller city next to a bigger one.  Or, possibly (and it pains me to say it, since there are some neat spots and restaurants there), it isn’t anything at all.  But I still hope for better for its residents and all of us.

    • Those things are only relevant to people who live here, just like “border war”, bi-state tax, etc. I live in Olathe and I have no problem saying that it’s a suburb of Kansas City. Maybe I don’t have enough hometown pride to get upset about this.
      From anyone else’s perspective those issues are just petty little stuff.