Old Newspapers: Remember the 80’s?

Previously: Remember the 80’s?

While staring  at women doing research for my previous (and future) post at the Johnson County Central Resource Library – home of the new amazing microfilm readers, I couldn’t help but save a few unrelated pages. Going through the old newspapers with the benefit of  a hindsight is a bit strange; we know which companies, technologies and trends survived and which ones failed; we realize that investing in Apple was a good idea but buying Atari stock probably wasn’t; we know who won the VHS – Betamax rivalry and even when the winner itself became obsolete; we know which policies would be successful and which are still affecting society in a negative way.

These clips are taken from the Kansas City Star and Kansas City Times published in January 1981  and in January 1986.They are in no particular order.

Get your free corn here:

Looks like someone beat Braniff in the end:

Spelling “Khadafy” grew more complicated over the years, but his terror-fighting potential was somewhat overrated.

“I am clean” cards sound pretty evil.

This ad is from 1981….

Looks like the interest rates improved by 1986:

iPhone -2.0

There must be something to watching porn with other people that I never understood.

  • Xavier Onassis

    My fingertips are black just from looking at this online.

  • Jjskck

    Even with the poor scan, I recognized everyone in the baseball photo except Dennis Leonard’s wife. I spent way too much of my youth paying attention to those things. Of course, we had fewer distractions then, what with the $999 cell phones, $999 computers, and $499 15″ TVs.

  • I love how that mobile phone service actually has voicemail — but they haven’t thought to call it voicemail, rather terming it “RSVP Service”.

  • I Travel for Jools

    Dolgins…damn…I miss it !!!  I still have our Atari, in the box in the shed somewhere. I wonder if the mice….perish the thought.

  • SKC Observer

    Still have Beta stuff around; should work to move the good stuff to DVD before DVDs are obsolete!

  • Frances Main

    Wow…I feel sooo old…..