Someone Hates Bob Shaw

disclaimer: I have no idea who Bob Shaw is, and I was too lazy to Google him.

As an outdoor advertising collector and billboard connoisseur I especially appreciate the home-made signs frequently seen along the streets and state highways. Judging by the effort and expense needed to produce these signs, someone has a real problem with that Bob Shaw guy. The least I could do was to get out of my car somewhere on the NW Barry Rd. (I think) and take some pictures.

You are welcome, unknown crude sign artist and Bob Shaw-fighter!

  • So who’s this Bob Shaw? Some Clay county politico hated by some dirtclod who has way too much time on his hands, I guess.

    • I think this has to do with Platte County and some shady cemetery deal. He
      is the lawyer involved.

  • …<i<some shady cemetery deal.

    heh heh

  • Anonymous

    Wow, that’s some serious hatin’.

  • burrowowl

    Bob Shaw? Jerk owes me $5.

  • Jojomsd

    We were also wondering who this guy was & why people hated him so much. We just kept thinking the signs were really funny & want to put up a sign that says “Who is Bob Shaw?” but thought people would think it was a part of the other signs & read it differently.

  • max harrison

    The owner of that land tried to file it as “farm land” instead of commercial for cheaper taxes. He sued platte county when they refused to recognize it as farmland. Bob Shaw was the lawyer who represented the county, and judge Harman was the judge who ruled in favor of Shaw. There are signs for him too.

    If you look at the pictures, doesn’t look like farm land to me (especially on Barry road…)

  • Ericschneider38

    The fellow who dislikes Bob Shaw is Robert Bateman.  Actaully, this goes back years and also involves eminent domain issues that Mr. Bateman has iddues with.  See:

  • HerculesBacon

    I’ve lived by these signs for a year and I now refer to liars and people who cannot be trusted as “Bob Shaws.” My favorite sign is the one that says “Judge Harmon is a nut.” I like to think the sign maker wanted us to know how funny Judge Harmon is. Like, “Oh, that Judge Harmon is such a nut! He’s a real hoot.”

  • Lisa

    Robert Bateman is crazy too, he left his wife and kids a few years ago and now he like to have sex with teenager, young women and goes from bar to bar to be with prostitutes… Not a good signal of a good businessman or family oriented man…