Religious Billboards of Missouri: The End Is Near

You might have noticed more activity than usual on this here blog and it’s not because I am less lazy, but because the time is running out and I have less than a month to say everything I’ve ever wanted to say.

This fine specimen of the religious billboard art is located around Truman Rd. and HWY 71. Notice a Bible Seal of Approval at the top left and a person in the position painfully familiar to anyone who ever used a squat toilet at the bottom right.

In any case, I suggest you repent soon, use up your vacation and deplete your savings accounts.

You have been warned.

  • Anonymous

    I hope it’s later in the day, my daughter graduates that morning.

  • Oh Meesha, you Jews are so smug because you don’t try to predict the end of the world. I would gloat, but I don’t believe in those predictions. Maybe I should convert?

    • I’ve been told today that there is a line in the bible something like “don’t try to predict the end of the world, we’ll let you know when the time comes”

  • Anonymous

    I wonder what will happen after May 21. Apparently, the Mayans are wrong.

  • I wish I could muster the humor to find this as funny most people do. I actually grew up in a very evangelical community. Hellfire, damnation and end of the world stuff — no speaking in tongues, though. Speaking in tongues is just crazy, right?

    What I really want to say is there’s something subtly disturbing about people who believe our society has sinned to the point that god will punish all of us for transgressions. It’s a very small leap from wishing god would hurry up and smite, to internalizing the conflict and declaring yourself a vessel of god’s will and doing some smiting of your own.

    • The humor is not in the religious meaning of this but in the billboard itself. Literally billions of people read the bible cover to cover for thousands of years and obviously there is nothing there “guaranteed” about May 21st. While I am not above making fun of religion on occasion, these billboards are in a whole category by themselves.

  • This gets soooo tiresome.

    Did anyone ever tell these people that this “end of the world” or “Judgement Day” or whatever you want to call it has been going on since time immemorial? The Jews were one of the first on this, of course. Do you know why they’re called “Seventh Day Adventists”? That one always cracks me up. Now it’s these people–and the Mormons, you can’t forget the Mormons.

    We’re all so bloody important, aren’t we? We’re here so by gosh, the end of the world is coming.


    • I’ve seen this one before. I always wonder who has money sitting around to
      spend money on billboards.

  • Anonymous

    I thought you were going to write about the royal wedding…

    • You mean you found the rest of the coverage lacking 🙂