Old Photos: Kansas City 1945

Life Magazine photographer Hans Wild traveled through Kansas City in 1945, while collecting materials for the article about the Missouri Valley. These images didn’t get published.

Busy area surrounding a memorial building. © Time Inc.Hans Wild

People in waiting room at Union Station.© Time Inc.Hans Wild

People patronizing busy downtown area.© Time Inc.Hans Wild

Aerial view of industrial area surrounding the railroad tracks.© Time Inc.Hans Wild

Aerial view of the city from atop a hotel building.© Time Inc.Hans Wild

The wharf at Kansas City, a pumping plant of an electric company in the right foreground.© Time Inc.Hans Wild

Only a few cattle are utilizing the virtually empty stockyards.© Time Inc.Hans Wild

Sign on window advertising prices for various liquors.© Time Inc.Hans Wild

Sign on window advertising drinks and patriotism.© Time Inc.Hans Wild

Judge James W. Broaddus holding a court session.© Time Inc.Hans Wild

Sign on window advertising drinks and dancing.© Time Inc.Hans Wild

Sign on window advertising a variety of services available.© Time Inc.Hans Wild

People attending a shriner's picnic.© Time Inc.Hans Wild

Bonus: An advertisement for the Fred Harvey Restaurants published in 1945 featuring the Union Station.

Few of these images were previously used in my post about window shopping.

  • Radiomankc

    Meesha, you can’t copyright a Fred Harvey ad. You don’t own it.

    • I made some effort stealing this picture,someone has to make an effort to steal it from me. Actually,I forgot to turn off automatic watermark.

  • I Travel for Jools

    The stockyards were booming in 1945. I would expect the cattle shown in that one pen were just the last ones waiting to be picked up after a sale or maybe they went unsold.

  • Anonymous

    True about the stockyards …. I remember, when the wind was just right, the lovely smell wafting thru Northeast in the 50s.

  • Kevin A Evans

    Great posts, Meesha. How is it someone from the former Soviet Union got hold of these and not a native-born? Funny. No matter, certainly. They’re terrific. Thanks

    • I don’t think it’s the matter where I am from,it’s just that I have plenty of time
      to waste, while other people lead productive lives 🙂

    • Radiomankc

      They’re all sittin out on the Internet. Life released a ton of pictures and all you have to do is enter the right search words. I haven’t seen many KC pictures from him that I don’t have on my Kanza Sity photo page. Wanna see lots more, log into the public library. You’ll see the links (pardon the spam) on this page: http://sites.google.com/site/radiomankc/kansas-city and also http://picasaweb.google.com/radiomankc/KanzaSitty# As to the other poster mentioning the smell of cowshit, yup, that smell denoted Kansas City just as oil denoted the smell of Oklahoma City and ElDorado KS.