Behind The Iron Curtain: Soviet Vigilance Posters

After I captioned these posters, I realized that some of them have been previously posted on this blog and that’s not a surprise – the same sets of posters are floating around the internet with only quality of scans to differentiate them.

This set is about the need to be vigilant because the enemies are always lurking nearby, eavesdropping on the state secrets and trying to sabotage the Soviet country.

Notice the rat-face on this one:

  • Jennifer

    My husband was stationed in Germany and so we lived there for 4 years and had only armed forces network television/and German television. This was before satellite so we were stuck with commercials that were very lame, and very similar to these posters. I recall two soldiers in a club, and chatting with the runner voiceover saying “You never know who is listening.” Loose lips sink ships was one too.

    Funny that the language is different but the message was the same. btw, we were stationed in Germany just as the wall came down, so it was still a very real cold war feeling.

    Thanks once again for your post!

  • I love the one with a shivering Westerner wearing a detective-like coat….are these for real??

    • This is apparently from some book that was scanned and now floating around the internet.All real…