Christmas Captions

This image might make you think of what happened to the meaning or Christmas or you may just see a Santa on the toilet. I don’t have any prizes this year, so everyone is a winner.

Merry Christmas!

  • Santa on pot? What is this world coming to? I think you should have a contest where the winner gets to eat a dinner cooked by you. If I won, I’d choose to have you make those stuffed fish.

  • I thought Cliff doesn’t cross the KS State Line

  • Cliff is putty in my hands, he just isn’t always happy about it. And I don’t push my luck.

  • Careful Donna it might be a trick.

  • “A billion glasses of milk, 3 billion cookies…”

  • Dave, I’m not scared. I’d trust you or Meesha either one over some of my next-door neighbors.