• Alex J.

    Happy Birthday?

  • Same from us over here…. I was going to do an image with a ladder and a cake but decided just to give it a rest 🙂 That’s your present.

    • David, I think you may get a coffee-table photobook out of this – word leaders with ladders or something like this.
      Jools,I am not going to live that long, remember the death panels are out there

  • I travel for JOOLS

    Happy birthday. Just think, only 40 more years till you can draw social security.

    (sorry, couldn’t help

  • karen

    41 is a good age. Very young.

  • midtown miscreant

    happy birthday. Have some vodka.

  • Joe

    Happy belated. I had to come to the comments to get it explained to me, I’m such a dumb ass.

  • happy birthday!

  • nuke718

    Happy belated b-day. And even tho I read the title “Mileage” I thought the sign said MILF at first glance. The truth was less exciting.

  • I agree, MILF would be a lot more exciting. Maybe next year.

  • Same age as my daughter. What did you do to celebrate?