Old Photos: Baseball

I am not a fan of baseball, it’s a seemingly never-ending boring game, interrupted only by an occasional bloody action in the stands or a non-lethal hot-dog drive-by. Baseball promoters tried to combat the dreadfulness of the game by creating sources of distraction, like bringing a herd of sheep for the 1963 Kansas City Athletics – Yankees home opener which was played on April 8th and lost 8-3 by the Kansas City team.

The following book excerpt talks about the 1963 season (scroll up and down inside the window):

Mayor Roe Bartle (R) w. Eric Enloe (center) introducing Ex-president Harry Truman (L) to baseball fans at opening game of season. ©Time,Francis Miller

Yogi Berra before game, doing first base coaching.©Time,Francis Miller

Athletics Manager Ed Lopat (2L) & Yankees Manager Ralph Houk (C) conferring with umpires before start of game.©Time,Francis Miller

Charles O. Finley, "Athletics owner" w. 10-gallon hats, colored green and gold, to be distributed to fans at opening baseball game of season.©Time,Francis Miller

©Time,Francis Miller

Easter Seal boy Eric Enloe (center fore) throwing out first ball at opening game of season, with Harry S. Truman (rear) & Mayor Roe Bartle.©Time,Francis Miller

©Time,Francis Miller

Bucket'O'Chips ©Time,Francis Miller

©Time,Francis Miller

Fan-A-Gram ©Time,Francis Miller

©Time,Francis Miller

©Time,Francis Miller

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  • I travel for JOOLS

    All that and a bucket of chips.

  • I went to many games there. Parked in Sam’s Parking Lot (whatever happened to Sam). I liked that stadium on Brooklyn better than the new one. It was funky. You were closer to the action. No 80-acre screen showing Bush family home movies so you won’t be bored by the game. A real organ with a real organist… not the canned “charge” crap. There were sheep, a mechanical rabbit, a Mule and a team that didn’t have a chance. Boy, that sounds familiar. I also saw the longest NFL game ever played in that stadium Christmas Night 1971… with a full moon and Curt Gowdy (he hated us) in the booth… went two overtimes.

  • Actually the book I embedded at the top talks about the mechanical rabbit and the mule. Did you ever eat chips from a bucket?

  • Nope… but GUYS was a big sponsor for the team’s radio broadcasts with Monte Moore who spied on the team for Charley Finley. You could stand and talk to the organist too…. and sometimes, just sometimes, you could request a tune and hear it immediately…now it’s all canned and automated… sterile is boring.

  • I knew Finley had sheep eating the grass in the outfield. I had no idea a guy in a hokey shepherd outfit was out there with them.

  • Rick in PV

    Dear Hyper,
    Sam Gould is still living out in OP, has all his faculties. Can recall meeting Ruth, Satchel Paige, et al …
    Nice work again, Meesha. It occurs to me that your feeling for baseball is like mine for smoked mackerel — a product of our upbringing!

  • Joe

    One of your best posts, as I’m a die hard A’s fan from the time they moved to Oakland when I was 7. Its a shame you don’t like baseball. Watching it on tv is tough and sitting in the nosebleed seats at a major league game isn’t much better. I usually go to the minor league games and sit closer and see everything.