The Pothole Chronicles

The infamous portal to the netherworld, otherwise known as a pothole located next to the property tax-free oasis on the Admiral Street in Kansas City, Mo has finally been dealt with. It has entered the fifth and final stage of the pothole life-cycle: the metal plate cover-up (other stages are: birth, neglect, warning sign, and barricade). The metal plate is a permanent stage and no further development is expected.

The plate is artfully decorated with custom lettering where the top line reads “K.C.W.D” and the the bottom line can only be read with a mirror.

To quote the musical Oklahoma:

Ev’rythin’s up to date in Kansas City
They’ve gone about as fur as they c’n go!

Update: Always resourceful Hyperblogal suggests putting clown cozies on the metal plates to brighten up our streets a little.

  • We don’t have potholes in the country. We have hog-wallows.

  • We have those in front of City Hall and the Courthouse….

  • The documentation of steel plates about the city, to include photos (though not necessarily clown cozies) would make a…ah, er…interesting blog.

    Of course even one lonely single guy couldn’t count ALL of them by himself, so you would have to narrow the definition of “the city”. Were it me I might limn the project on the north by the river; to the west, State Line (or it’s logical equivalent); to the east, Prospect Avenue; and to the south, 47th Street/Emanuel Cleaver Blvd.

    It would also be fun to see what sort of advertising AdSense would ascribe to such a blog.

    I’m jes’ sayin’…

  • I thought about a submission type site like people of walmart but thinking about it is about as far as it went. Wanna run with it?

  • Naw – figured it was more up your or X.O.’s alley: a couple of single guys with nothing better to do. Probably would catapult you to your 90 seconds of fame on GMA if done right….

  • The rumor is (he is the one spreading it) that he is seriously dating.

  • Really?!? You mean like with sex and everything? Naaaaaah – unlikely; how many blind women live in Independence?