The Soviet Army and Navy Day

This year marks the twenty-year anniversary of the triumphant end of my military service. Shortly after my long-awaited discharge from the Engineer Corps in June of 1990, the American Secret Services sensed a weak spot in the pontoon troops where I had served and used it to break up the Soviet Union. Of course, it was unthinkable while I was still in service; my fierce looks used to send the enemy running for their lives.

My Mom and Me. …long, long time ago… I can still remember

Today is the Soviet Army and Navy Day – a long-renamed holiday of a long-gone country. 20 years ago I couldn’t imagine being nostalgic thinking about my military service. But here I am – it was a time uncomplicated by work, taxes and raising kids and now it doesn’t seem like such a horrible way to spend two years of one’s life. So instead of rewriting my last year’s post I will share a few music videos on the subject.

This song is called “We Are The People’s Army”:

And lastly – world-famous Kalinka, here you can find the lyrics and sing along.

  • Happy Army Navy Day…. I wax nostalgic about my military service…. but then the alcohol wears off and I’m happy again.

  • CV

    Isn’t the guy in the top pic the same Russian soldier who drove out to the National Park with that Russian Infantry soldier to sightsee, found an arrow that he mistakenly thought was an Indian relic and then got jumped by some American teenagers who belonged to an American anti-government collective called “Wolverines” and ended up getting shot in the head by a 16 year old kid with a Ruger revolver.

  • That movie was an American propaganda hack-job, if this happened in real life you’d be speaking Russian right now

  • CV

    I’m sure you’re right that we’d all be speaking Russian.

    Now where were you from, but not at.

  • CV

    Didn’t the Cubans pretty much run the show in that movie. They looked a lot tougher than the Russians. I guess it’s hard to look tough when all your soldiers are pasty-faced.

  • DLC

    That photo is pure gold. You’ve been holding out on us.

  • This could be the top photo on Awkward Family Photos

  • Olentangy

    Are you sure the dude on the left in the ” My Army ” video isn’t a young Putin?

  • Putin was KGB, he probably can’t sing but apparently still kicks ass in martial arts.

  • Damn, forgotten to say a proper ‘congratulation, comrade’ to my brother again this year! I can still remember vividly ‘seeing off’ my bro (probably around the same time as you were being sent away actually, MV!)

    the picture is luuvley

    p.s. any major 8 march celebrations planned in Kansas city?;)

  • I think I am the only keeper of the 8th of March in this city. Most people celebrate Mother’s day whenever that is.

  • CV

    It’s all good now. We are now friends and we both like cheap Marlboro’s.

  • I heard the quality on these is not the same. But for half the price why not.Actually the text on it is in Ukrainian.

  • CV

    I get a stale carton every now and again, but they’re pretty good on taking care of it.

    Russian, Ukrainian….It’s all Cyrillic to me.

    Anyway, I expect as much as they come from Odessa.

    They seem to have every brand in the world.