Who Are The Ad Wizards Who Came Up With This One?

Billboards entertain me on the way to and from work. Some are plain ads and not so interesting, some are stupid, others advertise a religion,  fake marriage proposals, or talk about your wife.
Today I put my life in danger to bring you these photos:
WTF? Really?Really?

Is this a play on the word “homo’s”?

I bet you do!

I wish I could be at the sales meeting where some Ad Wizards (who apparently roll their own) were selling this campaign to Houlihan’s:

Ad Wizard: We are going to use the acronym WTF plastered next to your company’s name!

Houlihan’s: WTF?

Ad Wizard: Take a hit, we roll our own!

Houlihan’s: Sold!

My advice – hire this lady before “hummus among us” make your life miserable.

*electronic billboard located on I-35 S, before Antioch St. exit.

  • Hey, those would get my attention more than any billboards I’ve seen lately!

    • you’ll notice them alright, but it took me 3 days to figure out what they are for.

  • midtown miscreant

    sign me up for the hand rolled. No Hummus. Not that theres anything wrong with that. I just don’t do pine nuts.

  • midtown miscreant

    Puns intended.

  • I wonder if they got paid in Cheetos?

  • Most ad execs are recruited directly from middle school.

  • nome

    Obviously they work.. you took the time to take pictures of all their billboards! Original.. not offensive at all.

  • They work to attract attention,but I had to pretty much stop to see what exactly they are advertizing.Not offensive,just stupid.

  • Houligan

    I agree with nome. You did take the time to wait for them all to change so you could take pictures. All of a sudden I am craving some Houlihan’s!

  • I travel for JOOLS

    I saw the WTF the other day and laughed out loud. Didn’t make me want to go to Houlihans but I sure did notice it. But, I didn’t know it changed as we whizzed by.

  • Thanks for the job rec! I saw the WTF one yesterday and it was really a challenge to figure out who was advertising. (You must have used the zoom – from a distance, while navigating 435 & watching out for drifting semis, this was a lot harder to read from the car…) And I did think, “wow, they really should have previewed that creative for a digital cross-read.” But WTF does grab your attention – I just pity the parents who get asked, “Mommy, what does WTF stand for?” (Here’s a tip – tell ’em it’s “Why The Face?”)

  • I actually parked on the side of the highway. Someone commented that I waited for sign to change so it must have worked, but I did it mostly to get a blog post out of it.There is a ton of ads, especially during the Superbowl that are funny and memorable except no one can tell what they are for. To me these belong in that category. I don’t find them offensive, just not doing what they are supposed to do – advertise $3 specials.Lastly, does it really play on “there are homo’s among us”?

  • To me, the “hummus among us” seems more like a takeoff on “there’s a fungus among us”.

  • I actually knew some of the ad people for houlihans at one time. They actually do their own……homemade as it were. They don’t have an agency.

  • Bob B.

    I think you take yourself WAY to seriously. If you were familiar with the Houlihan’s brand, you wouldn’t have bothered to blog about them at all. And find me an ad team that doesn’t roll their own and I’ll buy you some shitty $3 hummus.

    • Just the opposite, I don’t take myself seriously, don’t know anything about Houlihan’s and/or advertising. I thought the billboard was odd enough to take some photos, but I’ve done it many times before. And please if you are offering to buy me something don’t make it “shitty”, “$3” or “hummus”. Spend $10 and you got yourself a date.