That’s The Ticket:A Prequel

Recently my friend EmawKC (I struggled for years to figure out what it stands for and gave up) happily helped out the City of Overland Park with his almost voluntary donation.
Through the miracle of modern forensic science I was ably to recreate the events leading up to the event. I believe it started something like this:

This is a live reenactment of what happened just prior to the act of the donation itself:

*At this point of my research another policeman pulled up behind me and ruined the cinematographic moment. Although I wasn’t doing anything wrong being on public street filming a public employee, I didn’t feel like hanging out there any longer. Maybe next time time I will do a better job of blending in.

  • Alex J.

    Perhaps “EmawKC” refers to EMACS, the free text editor.

  • I’ve had a problem with EmawKC myself. I had an aunt named Emma that everybody called “Aunt Emmie”. Is EmawKC a man? A crossdresser? My aunt? Inquiring minds want to know.

  • I am pretty sure he is a man,if he is a cross-dresser he is very very good, fooled me anyway.

  • Old Fart

    [Although I wasn’t doing anything wrong being on public street filming a public employee]

    While you and I both know that to be true, you have to hope the officer knows it. You’d be amazed at how many police officers don’t know the law regarding filming them on public property, and have tasered/arrested people for it. They normally don’t charge under “privacy” laws, instead they usually charge people with an illegal wiretapping crime because the camera can record sound (whether it did or not). Of course, eventually the prosecutor or judge will throw out any charges.

    BTW, great footage of the government money machine in action.

  • It did record the sound,mostly beeping of the speed detector,but I thought on the street there is no expectation of privacy,that’s how they get away with all the cameras outside.

  • Old Fart

    Like I said, the police who try to arrest people for this use the wiretapping laws as their excuse. They claim you are not allowed to record someones oral conversations without permission, even in public. I noticed the cop speaks into his radio during your taping. Most states that have these type of “wiretapping” laws write in an exemption for the police to record using sound in their cruisers.

    So, even though it is in fact legal for you to record them… don’t count on them knowing that.

  • @Donna and M.V. — You’re pretty close. Actually, I’m a lesbian trapped in a man’s body.

  • emaw, would you believe in my old Christian AOL chat room there was a teenage girl who chatted with us whose greatest desire was to have a sex-change, so she could be a gay man? I know, sounds like it’s made up, but several of my friends met her/him/whatever.

    After some eight years, she was still the same, last time we talked. Which reminds me, I think I’ll email her and see if anything has changed.

  • Nice little video MV. The discussion took a weird little turn about Emaw’s gender If you are worried, might I suggest a backhand “nut check” at lunch today.

    Donna, I gotta say that is the story of the day!

  • OK, I emailed my old chat room buddy (who is definitely a WOMAN) and this is the answer I got:

    “Haha. Why? Have you found somebody for me? 😛
    I am gay, and I am a guy. Those two things I’ve always been, and they ain’t gonna change.”

  • Happy ending I guess