Old Photos: Glamour in Kansas Court

This set was published in the April, 1959 issue under the heading “A beautiful parole worker,Pat Rice, brings glamour to the grim proceedings in Kansas City, Kansas municipal court“. Hopefully Ms.Rice, who should be about 70 years old now is alive and well and still has this old magazine.

Bonus question:what’s on TV?

20 yr. old parole office aide Patricia Rice at home.

20 yr. old parole office aide Patricia Rice at home.

The rest of the set.

  • Sophia

    What on earth was she thinking with the bathtub shot?

  • amy

    totally amazing ~ she has the most beautiful eyebrows ever of all time.

  • Sophia-this is really unusual considering the year 1959
    Amy-the next issue of Life had Marilyn Monroe on the cover.

  • She was thinking “movie career” and I don’t blame her one bit. Don’t know on the TV show…. there were a hundred westerns back then… could be “Johnny Ringo”.. but that’s only a guess.

  • Sophia

    “Movie career” was my best guess as well. I’m just surprised no one cared to protect her from herself given the time period and that she worked with criminals.

  • midtown miscreant

    She became my parole officer, changed her hair to a spiky short mannish style, wore man pants and comfortable shoes, and gained 70 pounds. She now resides with her domestic partner. Just kiddin. I think that show was maybe Rawhide or gunsmoke, but its 59 so I may be to early for either of those shows. As a side note 1959 was a good year for me, and all of you as well. I was born in 59!!!