Peach Time

Since we were in the area yesterday, we drove to the Schreiman Orchards to pick up some peaches. I read about the place in the Star several years ago and we usually make a trip there several times a year to buy peaches and later in the fall – apples. For me it’s not just a shopping trip, I can get peaches and apples much closer to home, it’s an excuse to drive alongĀ  the Old Trails Road – one of the most picturesque stretches of highway on this side of the state of Missouri. Along the road you will find historic markers, museums, multiple wineries (but wait there is more), and at the end pick up a basket of peaches for the road.

People who make fun of my love of pickling should take a note that even I draw the line at the red beet and/or jalapeno pickled eggs.

Some day we should find a designated driver and tour the area. Seems like they are having an event on the August 15th.

  • Cliff and I never tire of that stretch of 24 highway. I’d guess we ride the motorcycle over that twenty or more times a year, not to mention the times we drive there in the car.

    Thanks to our peach tree, we don’t buy peaches. We do buy apples galore when the time is right; we like Rasa Orchard the best. They usually have squash and melons for sale, as well as our favorite apples. We buy a bushel of Gala apples early in the season, then two or three bushels of Fuji apples later on; those keep for a long time in a cool place.

    I’m writing that August thing on the calendar; thanks for bringing it to my attention. Sounds like a good time to go for a bike ride.

  • Pam

    My husband LOVES peaches – we take turns “kidnapping” each other, taking the kidnapee to an unknown destination. Surprise!
    I think I’ll “kidnap” him this weekend – and this will be our destination! Thanks for the tip…

  • Oooh…I haven’t had a pickled egg in years. Suddenly, I want one. Dammit Meesha! (Can’t say I’ve ever had a red beet egg. Not sure I’d be interested in trying that.)

  • This is easily 60 miles away.I don’t know where you can buy pickled eggs closer to home.